Petrol price reaches Rs113.25 per litre

ISLAMABAD: The prices of petroleum products were an increase on Monday evening, with petrol witnessing an increase of Rs4.12 to reach the selling price of Rs113.25 per litre, DawnNews reported.

Earlier, petrol was being sold for Rs109.13 per litre. The new prices of petroleum products are effective from midnight.

High-speed diesel price has been increased by Rs4.69 per litre to Rs116.95 per litre from the existing Rs112.26.

The price of light diesel oil saw an increase of Rs2.81, and reached Rs101.24 per litre from Rs98.43.

The price of kerosene oil went up from Rs105.99 to Rs108.13 per litre after an increase of Rs2.14.

The price of high octane saw an increase of Rs5.57 to Rs143.90 per litre compared to existing Rs138.33.

A notification issued by the government stated that the entire increase in petroleum products prices was not passed on to the consumers.

It further stated that on the directives of prime minister, a subsidy of Rs2 per litre on petrol and diesel would be given.

Also, in October, a subsidy of Rs2.10 million would also be given.

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