Pakistan Takes Delivery of First Five Royal Jordanian F-16 fighter jets

Pakistan Air Force (PAF) has received today its first batch of five Royal Jordanian F-16 fighter jets under a deal to purchase upto 13 F-16s fighter jets out.

First batch of Royal Jordanian F-16 AM/BM fighter jets arrived at the Mushaf Mir Airbase in Sargodha were inducted in the PAF fleet. Pakistan Air Force will induct an other eight Jordanian fighter jets to increase the F-16 total to 76. These fighter jets will serve PAF for another 20 years with almost 3,000 hours on average available to them for flying.”

According to deal total of 13 aircraft’s would have 12 A & one B model .The Royal Jordanian Airforce is already using the more upgraded F 16 C & D models ,while they are only transferring the older models to the Pakistan Airforce. It is to be noted that F16′s A & B model are not expected to be BVR (beyond visual range) missile capable , so these aircraft’s need to be upgraded before being put to service in PAF.

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